hEAR TOuch LISTEN (2011) is a site-specific performance installation designed for the Bass Concert Hall lobby at The University of Texas at Austin. Physical feedback loops are established with subwoofers and contact microphones, using the metal handrails as a musical medium. Through digital signal processing, the natural resonant frequencies of each segment of handrail are extracted and emphasized, creating a metallic musical choir.

hEAR TOuch LISTEN was presented during the inaugural Music in Architecture – Architecture in Music (MIA-AIM) Symposium, held 19-22 October, 2011 at The University of Texas at Austin. Organized and funded by the Center for American Architecture and Design (CAAD), The Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music, the School of Architecture, and the College of Fine Arts, and with the help of Texas Performing Arts.

hEAR TOuch LISTEN was created in collaboration with architects René Rissland and Florian Tuercke, with technical assistance from Travis Weller.