Semester’s End

I returned from a very cool SEAMUS Conference in St. Paul just a few weeks ago, where I premiered my new piece for trombone and SuperCollider. It was great fun, and I was fortunate to receive a number of compliments after the concert. Steve Parker (who premiered the piece) and I will be laying down a definitive studio version in a few weeks, soon after which I’ll upload a combined score/audio video to my YouTube channel.

I recently bought my plane tickets to the 2013 SuperCollider Symposium in Boulder, CO. I’ll be performing a live DJ set with the Mashup Machine at Gravity Brewing on Thursday May 23rd, starting at 7:30pm.

The semester came to a very satisfying close with the annual Ears, Eyes + Feet concert, a collaborative intersection of composers, choreographers, video artists, and lighting designers at the University of Texas. As has been the case over the past couple of years, I served as the audio engineer and graphic designer. But more significantly, I worked with choreographer Mackenzie Taylor, video artist Jeff Kurihara, and lighting designer Eric Gazzillo to produce an interactive work in which I was able to improvise in real-time from the mixing board with my laptop and MIDI controller. Going off cues from the dancers onstage, I could trigger changes in the audio which, via MIDI signals between computers, could trigger changes in the visual media. It was great fun to perform and to work with these great artists. Video documentation on YouTube will follow soon!

Now that the semester is over, I’ve finally got some time to work on personal projects that have had to take a backseat. In particular, percussionist Adam Groh has commissioned me to write a piece for percussion and live electronics, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m also aiming to revise the Mashup Machine in time for the SC conference, and upload some new SC tutorial videos to YouTube (having just finished teaching a semester long course in SuperCollider, I have a semester’s worth of instructional material).

I recently applied to the STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival as well as the 2013 Electroacoustic Barn Dance. Hopefully more adventure to come this fall!