With Oui

With Oui (2015) is a deeply collaborative and interactive multimedia work for six dancers, suspended motion sensor, and live audio/video processing. The various components of the work aim to convey a narrative of discovery, human communication, and mutually supportive relationships. Several computers are wirelessly networked in order to exchange data via OSC, establishing a live performance environment in which audio can freely manipulate visual elements, and vice-versa.

With Oui was composed in collaboraiton with Rodrigo Carvalho (visual media), Billie Secular and Ladonna Matchett (choreography), and Gianina Casale, Nick Kao, Zach Khoo, Sam Olayiwola, Kelsey Oliver, and D’Lonte Lawson (dancers).

With Oui was premiered at EARS, Eyes and Feet at The University of Texas at Austin on May 8th, 2015.