I often create audio software tools in SuperCollider and work hard to make them robust, useful, and fun. Donations are completely optional but encouraged and very much appreciated. If you enjoy these tools or find them to be helpful in pursuing your own SC endeavors, please consider donating using one of the Donate buttons below.


GranulatorEF is a SuperCollider class file for granular synthesis, capable of dynamically learning MIDI controller assignments and writing an output audio file in realtime (video tutorial coming soon).


Download GranulatorEF (suggested donation $20)
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The MashupMachine is a live performance tool designed for loop-synchronization. The original version was built as an .scd code file, to be interpreted and run as a text file in the SC environment. I have since revised the MashupMachine as a SC class file to be compiled as part of the SC class library. Version 2.0 is more sample-accurate, includes several keyboard shortcuts, and has an entirely new visual design.

Screenshot of, v2.0 (video tutorial coming soon):

The MashupMachine v1.0, demonstration video:

My live set at Gravity Brewing in Louisville CO during the 2013 International SuperCollider Symposium:

Download MashupMachine v1.0 (suggested donation $10)
Download MashupMachine v2.0 (suggested donation $40)
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