Fractus III: Aerophoneme

Fractus III (2011, rev. 2012) is a quadraphonic electroacoustic work that explores themes of self-exploration, transcendence, and divine retribution. The outset of the piece is curious, nebulous, and arrhythmic, struggling to find a sense of security and place. At first, only the front speakers are active. A regular pulse begins to emerge, and the flute eventually settles into a state of symbiosis with the electronic sounds. Tension grows between the flute and computer and comes to a head, at which point the pulse dissolves, all four speakers become active, and noise aggressively spreads throughout the performance space. When the dust clears, the flute briefly enjoys a dreamlike, emotionally charged melody, but is gradually and forcibly exiled by the electronics. The piece was composed in close collaboration with flautist Kenzie Slottow, who provided indispensable feedback and support.

Fractus III served as the inspiration for, and is featured as the opening track on Pheromone, a 2015 album of works for flute and electronics, performed and recorded by Meerenai Shim, released under the Aerocade Music label.


Kenzie Slottow, flute