Teaching at Ball State University

I’m thrilled to announce that I completed my doctorate this past spring semester and have accepted a one-year teaching position at Ball State University in Muncie, IN, where I will be taking over Dr. Michael Pounds’ teaching load while he is on sabbatical. The details of the appointment are still being finalized, but I expect to contribute to the Music Media Production area and teach topics relating to music technology, computer music, and composition.

My dissertation composition, Singularity, a fifteen-minute work for wind ensemble and live electronics, was the sole recipient of the 2014 James E. Croft Grant for Young and Emerging Wind Band Composers, issued by the Atlantic Coast Conference Band Directors Association. The completed work is now in the hands of the twelve member schools (Boston College, Clemson University, Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Louisville, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina, University of Notre Dame, University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, Syracuse University, University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechic Institute and State University, and Wake Forest University). The grant offers up to twelve performances of the work. I expect performances to be scheduled for the upcoming fall semester, should the ensembles decide to program the piece.

My recent electroacoustic work, Fractus V for percussion and live electronics, has been accepted to two fall conferences: Root Signals Electronic Music Festival on September 10-12, and the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) two weeks later. The commissioning performer, Adam Groh, will perform the piece at ICMC, and featured guest artist Tony Steve will perform the piece at Root Signals.

SuperCollider Tutorials

Now that summer’s here, the ball’s finally rolling on a project I’ve been wanting to start for about a year: a video series of SuperCollider tutorials. I’ve been uploading at a rate of about 1/wk and I hope to keep pace for as long as I can.

Semester’s End

I returned from a very cool SEAMUS Conference in St. Paul just a few weeks ago, where I premiered my new piece for trombone and SuperCollider. It was great fun, and I was fortunate to receive a number of compliments after the concert. Steve Parker (who premiered the piece) and I will be laying down a definitive studio version in a few weeks, soon after which I’ll upload a combined score/audio video to my YouTube channel.

I recently bought my plane tickets to the 2013 SuperCollider Symposium in Boulder, CO. I’ll be performing a live DJ set with the Mashup Machine at Gravity Brewing on Thursday May 23rd, starting at 7:30pm.

The semester came to a very satisfying close with the annual Ears, Eyes + Feet concert, a collaborative intersection of composers, choreographers, video artists, and lighting designers at the University of Texas. As has been the case over the past couple of years, I served as the audio engineer and graphic designer. But more significantly, I worked with choreographer Mackenzie Taylor, video artist Jeff Kurihara, and lighting designer Eric Gazzillo to produce an interactive work in which I was able to improvise in real-time from the mixing board with my laptop and MIDI controller. Going off cues from the dancers onstage, I could trigger changes in the audio which, via MIDI signals between computers, could trigger changes in the visual media. It was great fun to perform and to work with these great artists. Video documentation on YouTube will follow soon!

Now that the semester is over, I’ve finally got some time to work on personal projects that have had to take a backseat. In particular, percussionist Adam Groh has commissioned me to write a piece for percussion and live electronics, which I’m really looking forward to. I’m also aiming to revise the Mashup Machine in time for the SC conference, and upload some new SC tutorial videos to YouTube (having just finished teaching a semester long course in SuperCollider, I have a semester’s worth of instructional material).

I recently applied to the STUDIO 300 Digital Art and Music Festival as well as the 2013 Electroacoustic Barn Dance. Hopefully more adventure to come this fall!


Last year I was awarded first prize in the 2012 ASCAP/SEAMUS Commission Competition at the annual SEAMUS Conference at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. The winning piece was Fractus I, composed in 2010, performed at the conference by Marshall P. Yoes. Between April 18th and 20th, I’ll be traveling to the Twin Cities for the 2013 SEAMUS Conference with a new electroacoustic piece written for trombonist Steve Parker.

In late May, you’ll be able to find me at the University of Colorado at Boulder for the 2013 SuperCollider Conference, where I’ll be doing a live mashup set with the Mashup Machine. I’m hoping to roll out with a new and improved version before then.

I’ve also just applied to the Electronic Music Midwest Festival in Kansas City with Fractus III, so we’ll see what happens there.

website facelift

Ever dissatisfied with the state of my personal site, I’m putting it through some more aesthetic changes, and ultimately aiming to provide a more complete picture of what I’m up to.